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Straight Talk

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Two main topics:

How To Sing Well
, or vocal technique
2. presentation, or stage deportment

Let's Talk Technique:            (Until you have a great sound, why talk about presentation?)

Technique topic #1:

Always vocalize before you sing, even if you are only singing along to your favorite recording!
For a singer, it's all about vocalizing! 

Vocalizing will improve Voice Range. When you vocalize, if you Sing High, your tone improves for the entire range, and you will struggle a lot less with your Vocal Break, or Breaks.

If you "work out" your voice, or vocalize on a regular basis, every day, if possible, you will achieve the sound you want.  If you don't vocalize, you will have the sound that you deserve!

Technique topic #2

You sing with your entire body, whether sitting or standing.  Therefore, it is best to have balanced posture

To achieve that, you should stand, or sit if you are required to, as if you are being suspended from the ceiling by a string that is attached to the middle of the top of your head.  When the body is in proper balance, and everything is in proper alignment, your tone will be great! 

In addition, there should never be any tension in the body...anywhere, and that includes the muscles that you use to control the breath. 

A muscle can be flexed without tension or stress.  Think about how tough it is to walk with your legs flexed so tightly that it is uncomfortable.  It becomes difficult to move with ease.

So in conclusion, when standing, or even sitting, the goal is great, or "noble" posture; and you should be able to achieve that balanced a stance without any tension.

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